Thank You For An Incredible First Year

Thank You For An Incredible First Year

Our first year in business was a wild, fantastic ride, and we owe that to all of you. Thank you.

A little over a year ago, I started seriously thinking about launching a disc golf store, but it wasn’t an easy decision. As with any new business, there are considerable risks. However, I had a vision for what Scissortail could be that I just couldn't shake, and my wife supported the idea.

About a month later, Scissortail Disc Golf was officially born. Well, on paper anyway. It took some time to get the store built out and up and running, but in late March of 2022, Scissortail sold its first disc. Fast forward to now, and Scissortail has done nearly 1,000 orders. 

It truly is wild to think about how far we've come. We started with just some merch to get the store off the ground, and now work with 21 disc golf brands with more on the way. We've gone from zero discs in stock to over 2,500 discs currently available.

I am so grateful to our amazing community for your support. Seriously, the feedback we get from you all makes all of the coffee-fueled late nights worth it.

Great customer service and an elevated shopping experience are core components of what Scissortail is built on, and that won't change as we grow. If you ever have a question or a concern or just want to say hi, reach out to us on social media, email us, or even text or call. We're here to help

I don’t know if I really knew what to expect for Scissortail's first year in business, but whatever I expected, it has been blown away. We owe that to all of you. 

Thank you,
Chris Ross