The Top 5 New Disc Golf Molds from 2021

The Top 5 New Disc Golf Molds from 2021

Discs were hard to come by in 2021, but that didn't keep manufacturers from introducing some great new molds! Here are our top five.

Explosive growth and strained supply chains through 2021 made it difficult for manufacturers to keep up with demand. However, that didn't keep them from introducing a few new molds. These are our top five new molds of 2021.

5. Axiom Paradox

Flight Numbers: 5, 4, -4, 0

Looking for a understable compliment to your go-to overstable midrange? The Paradox might be what you're looking for. With a -4 stability, the Paradox is similar to the Discraft Sol and Kastaplast Svea. Where the Paradox shines though, is with grip. It's comfortable in the hand. Give this one a shot, and don't be surprised if it finds a spot in your bag.

4. Discraft Passion

Flight Numbers: 8, 5, -1, 1

The Paige Pierce Passion has proven to be a straight fairway driver that can hold any line you put it on. Basically, if you ever wished that you could get your favorite stable midrange in fairway driver, this is the disc for you. If you haven't thrown one yet, fix that.

3. Discmania P2

Flight Numbers: 2, 3, 0, 1

Due to a falling out with Innova, Discmania has been keeping the PDGA disc approval office pretty busy. Several of their "new" molds could have made this list with their new plastics. However, no disc was as important as the new P2.  It was imperative that they get their most-popular disc right, and they nailed it.

2. Discraft Scorch

Flight Numbers: 11, 6, -2, 2

Not many discs boast a 6 glide, but the Scorch is an absolute bomber that glides for days. And thanks to its reliable finish, it has become my go-to distance driver. If you haven't tried it yet, get your hands on one ASAP!

1. Axiom Hex

Flight Numbers: 5, 5, -1, 1

While a lot of manufacturers have tried to take on the Buzzz, very few have succeeded. The Hex has a slightly smaller diameter, great hand/grip feel, and is a touch longer than the Buzzz. Plus, it comes in Neutron plastic! Be careful giving this one a rip. If you do, you might end up having to kick a staple out of your bag.

Well that's it. That's the list. Which was your favorite new mold from 2021, and have any of our top five made your bag? Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @ScissortailDG, and tag us with your thoughts.