Disc Dice Disc Golf Game
Disc Dice Disc Golf Game
Disc Dice Disc Golf Game
Disc Dice Disc Golf Game
Disc Dice Disc Golf Game
Disc Dice Disc Golf Game
Disc Dice Disc Golf Game
Disc Dice Disc Golf Game


Disc Dice Game

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Disc Dice Game

Looking for a fun way to shake up your next round? Next time you're on the tee pad, use DiscDice to randomly select which disc to throw and how to throw it! Designed by disc golfers for disc golfers, this simple game is perfect for solo practice or with a group. Roll the dice and let the chaos begin.

What is Included

  • 1 Disc Selection Die
  • 1 Throw Selection Die
  • Instruction Card
  • Drawstring Carry Bag

How To Play

The game is simple, and easy to play.

  1. Before the start of each hole, select a player to roll the DiscDice dice. How this player is selected is up to the group.
  2. The selected player rolls the DiscDice dice into an upside-down disc. One die informs which type of disc to throw (the disc die), the other informs how to throw it (the throw die).
  3. All players on the card must throw the same rolled combination.
Rolling A Wild

If the DiscDice logo is rolled, it is a wild! It is up to that player to select any type of disc or style of throw (depending on the die) to substitute. For example, if the disc die lands on “driver” and the throw die lands on the DD logo, the group must throw a driver, but the player may choose whichever style of throw they desire.

Create your own rules

These rules are designed to get you started, but it’s up to you and your friends to make the game whatever you want it to be. Be creative. Want to make the throw die wild "throw with your eyes closed" or "perform a 360° drive"? That's up to you. The sky is the limit!

Grip It

Hold your ZipChip with the domed side facing up and your index finger in the perimeter groove.

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